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2017 Joining discount our plans for 2017

2017 Joining discount our plans for 2017
Lakes Directory News

It’s been a busy couple of years for us all at the Lakes Directory, promoting our social media, and getting the website how we feel will work best for our users. But we are now ready to help you promote your company, be that a plumber or a chain of hotels everyone is welcome at the Lakes Directory. We also know that we need users to make this site truly work so from the 7th January to the 30th of March 2017 we are offering our silver package at just £60 a year normally £90, not just for this year but for every year you stay a member!

Once we have more members we plan on releasing our mobile apps for IOS and Andriod devices. The website is fully mobile friendly but the new apps take full advantage of Geo location for advertising and directions.

The Lakes Directory sister site www.weddingsinthelakes.co.uk or www.lakeswedding.directory (we haven’t decided which one will be the master domain name yet feel free to let us know which one you prefer), Is now up and running, just going through it’s final tweaks and testing before we start promoting, this site although being a totally separate site, will run along side the lakes directory, helping each other market and promote your companies. We plan to offer a similar special joining early offer for lakeswedding.directory as we have with the lakes directory, plus adding another discount for companies who joined the Lakes Directory giving you the best of both sites.

Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter marketing campaigns have already been launched, and we plan to expand and ramp these up over the next year promoting our members special offers and events.

To take advantage of this offer please use the Submit listing button and choose the early joiners silver package, the price of £60 per year will never go up for members who join under this offer!


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