This page will go though step by step how to add your business to Lakes Directory,  if you have any questions about the guide please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Step 1

Once you have gone thought guide 1, you will have full access to the package you have chosen. The email you have received will have your username and a generated password within the email. You will use this to logo into your account for the first time on the Lakes Directory home page. When you are logo into your account it will direct you to your account dashboard . This is where you have full control over what content you add to your Lakes Directory Account.

Step 2

At the top of your dashboard you will have a task bar with a tab called items. When you hover over the tab, it will drop down and show you too options “all items” and “add item” click on the “add item” tab. This will direct you to start adding your business.

The item title is whatever your business is called. This will show at the top your business page to the public and on all other content that involving your business.

Step 3 

Adding a description to your business,this is key part to attracting customers to your page on lakes directory. it may include talking about where your business is located, a bit of personal information about yourself, what attractions your business is near too, anything that you think customer will want to know about your business.

Step 4

On The right had side of the page you will see, “Pinterest Automatic Poster” this allows any images or videos add on your page can be posted on the Lakes Directory Pinterest account. This can be disable at any time.

Also on the right hand side you will see, a box under nether the pinterest automatic link. this box includes different information about your post. It shows the “status” of your page, this will tell you weather the page is published,saved or draft. It also shows the Visibility of the page, this can be edited to public, Password protected or Private. You can also change what time the page is published, you have a choice of options.You can delay the publishing by 24 hours or you can publish immediately.

You will also have 2 more tabs available in that box, “save draft” this will save your page and wont publish that page. This means you can come back and edit more on that page and publish the page at a later date. Another tab is the “preview tab” this will allow you to see you page on the lakes directory site. This enables you to see how the page looks and weather you think you should change anything before you publishing.

Step 5 

Further down the page you will come to “excerpt summaries”, this is available to our sliver and gold package members. This is a quick round up summery about your business page. This Summery will be shown under your title of the business when people are searching thought the search they have performed to find a business they are looking for.

Step 6 

On the Right hand side of the page next to the excerpt summaries this is where you can your business to a category. Adding your business to a category is important business it helps people find your business easier when searching thought the business on Lakes Directory.

The box below the item category’s is what location your business is in, this will help people understand what part of Cumbria you are in and this will also be the place where your business is put on our map on the Lakes Directory home page. If your location isn’t there you can scroll down to the bottom of the list and add the location of your business.

Step 7

Next you will see under neither the “excerpt summaries” there is “discussions” this is where you can enable customers to write a comment to you and also you can enable trackbacks and ping-backs on your page too.

Step 8

Revolution Slider Options

Step 9

Then Following down from the “Revolution Slider Option” you will come to Item Image. Item image is what image you are going to have as you set image for your business. This image will on the top of your page and will have will be the frist thing customers see when searching though your business.

Step 10 

SEO “search Engine Optimisation”

Step 11 

As you go further down the page, you can then start adding a subtitle to your business page, what header you want for the page weather that may be an image or a map. You can enable or disable weather you want that to be feature on your page.

Step 12

Next on the guide is inserting your company location on the integrated google maps, on this step you can input your business postcode into the search bar and the map will find your where about to get an accurate location of your business.

Step 13

Then this step you can start filling in your general information about your business. First it will ask what telephone number you want people to contact you on, if you wish to input too numbers to your page then you can do as the tab dose have 2 inserts for both numbers.

Next is your contact email address needs inserting on the page, this can be hide from view of the public you wish we have inserted a tab so you can choose what option you want. We have also imputed a contact button option, this can be turn on or off. This is so customers can contact you easily and only have to click that button to get contact details of your business.

Then on the general Information part is your web link, this will be the link that we will be pushing traffic towards thought our website. We want you to take the books not us as we feel you will benefit more from being able to gain full percentage of that sale.

Step 14 

Then you will able to input your business opening hours. This will give the public more information about what time your business opening and closing times are.

 Step 15 

One of the final part’s of this guide is adding your social media accounts to your business page. You will see is their are 2 slide tabs, the first one is to turn on or off social media icons. The second slide tab is to enable links to your social media page when customers click on that icon. Then below the too tabs is where you add your social media account links, all you need to do is open the “add new item” tab this will then go thought what information you need to input.

Step 16 

Step 16 is where you will input your gallery, this is only available for sliver and gold members. You can add images of your business on this page. Gold members can add unlimited amount of images to their gallery. Sliver members have a limit of 15 images. You will have to have the images saved to your computer to upload each image to your gallery. The more images you have the more it will attract customers to your page on likes directory.

 Step 17

This is the final step to adding your business, this area allows you to add review category so people can input their comments and reviews into the category your create.